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    It is more or less just a notepad file, dot separated ๐Ÿ™‚ But exporting it as a html file might be something. Many pc software can handle that!

    My suggestion is only about making a better output system in some way and making editable data could be an good solution. It is actually not funny to type everything by hand! As I understand you do not have the need of reports – but I know “we” have (danes). To use it from a gedcom file is a very very big method since I can not sort out parts. I know I can use the “clipping cart” – but it is still so many steps and more than one gedcom file to work with. It is not a big deal with small trees and no complicated relationships. But who has tree like that?

    So my suggestion is still – few simple reports and a way to export to self defined reports.

    Jamie Jaconelli

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