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    By the way, I know you use Fancy Tree View. Have you read my “Roadmap” page lately? I think you will like what it says :-)

    Just did 🙂
    Yes I like the module and your plan on replacing it with the report would be a great idea – the fancy report – much more smooth than the standard reports imo!

    Think it is 2 years ago I asked for general love for reports (at – I still think reports should be made as module so users can define things like sorting, dec/anc/fam/living or what ever (instead of the pro-defined reports) – ability to write a header/footer – including/excluding familytree ect. I called it user-defined reports. If you know FTM – the idea is from that application (I know this system is far away from pc-apps – but it can still be done)

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook