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    From family chart (the new one you made) I can add a child, but it does not link to the family.

    Thanks. I have just finished changing the design (again), to include the “vertical” person-box we discussed in another thread. This means the same design will now work for any screen size. (see attached image). I have just checked and this bug has been fixed as part of that change.

    I can not use delete ID at danish language

    Are you sure you cannot see the very small difference between the double quotes in the msgid English part:

    msgid “Are you sure you want to delete “%s”?”

    and the Danish translation:

    msgstr “Er du sikker på at du ønsker at slette \”%s\”?”

    The Danish should be changed to:

    msgstr “Er du sikker på at du ønsker at slette “%s”?”

    Perhaps you need a better text editor? I use “Sublime text”, which is excellent and available for MAC or PC.

    OR you can try the attached new language file.

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