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    I added 3 new “types” churchbook, video and certificate and made the link from books to churchbook, video to video and certificat to certificat. Hitted save

    Then I looked at the album tab and first I had a sql issue for the 3 userdefined types. Then I went back – hitted “clear cache”. Checked album and then it looked as intended. Went back to the admin.album. The 3 types I made still there but the 3 was empty. No link. I made it again and hitted save. All good so far! Then I dl my userdefined language file and added the 3 translation. After upload I cleared the cache. Back at admin.album the 3 types were translated but no links again. So I redid the link from books to churchbook, video to video ect. again. Hitted save.

    Now working and looking great 🙂

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook