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    I have this in header:
    ERROR 8: Undefined index: characterOrder
    0 Error occurred on line 254 of file I18N.php in function html_markup
    1 called from line 76 of file header.php in function require
    2 called from line 176 of file Page.php in function pageHeader
    3 called from line 664 of file module.php in function show
    4 called from line 83 of file module.php in function modAction
    5 called from line 31 of file module.php

    Notice: Undefined index: characterOrder in /home/h/o/ftp_host-sidendk/webtrees/library/WT/I18N.php on line 254
    lang=”da” dir=”ltr”>

    I have found the cause of this error. It is not a bug. It is simply a caching problem caused by a fairly major update to the Zend language library. It will disapper once your kiwitrees cache clears (usually a couple of hours. Or you can clear it immediately by going to Administration > Clean-up data folder and delete the cache.

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