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    Thank you – that would be nice 🙂

    About the cenus for Denmark – you can see them here: (use filter: DK folketælling)

    I have added 2 in same year (for some of them). AO stands for the “Arkivalier Online” (online service) which are image files directly from the State Archieve ( The DDA is this one: But for the code I do not think 2 diff. are necessary (but just an explanation)

    The dates are:
    FT-1769 August 15, (Cover mostly the area around the German Border – Other areas destroyed)
    FT-1787 July 1st,
    FT-1801 February 1st,
    FT-1834 February 18th,
    FT-1840 – 1880 February 1st,
    FT-1885 – 1885 February 1st, (only a local census for Copenhagen)
    FT-1890 – 1901 February 1st,
    FT-1911 – 1921 February 1st,
    FT-1925 – 1970 November 5th

    Let me know if you need more about this 🙂

    About the thumbs: Like the indi picture here: (round edges – not a box with sharp corners)
    (round edges) or like your simpl_slideshow which has round edges and fixed size:

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook