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    Well it could also be a solution to have the ability to decide the blogs having aceess level. Then I could just put it all at homepage and decide which of them should be only for me and which for visitors.

    I like the idea to have the ability to have access level too for menu. Will that go for the menuline too? Ex: the menu, favorites ect.? I know you allready have the ability about favorites. But I wanted to show them without having the link in the menu and I wish to have the ability to remove the login in the top!

    Before upgrade 2.0 I have done a //COMMENT at the login and favorites so I could remove those 2 menu lines.
    And why?

    Because everytime I have my login at the top I have people who try to access. About 5-10 tries each month! So I putted it down in a html blog in the bottom instead. And that helps!

    About the favorites – I can not see the point having the link there!

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook