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    Yes setting up blocks is a little more challenging, but I am keen to encourage site owners to take a bit more interest in the presentation of their site anyway. It might be possible to allow scrolling, although my personal preference is to avoid it wherever possible. The way to do that is to manipulate the content rather than either add scrolling or change the size of the blocks.

    So, for example, if I wanted to use “Top Surnames there, either use it in a layout other than “table”, or limit to the top 5 (?) or something.

    The top / main / ex-“left” block on the Home page should IMHO be an HTML block with an introduction to your site, perhaps a full block background image etc. Along the lines of my “simpl_designer theme (which is at the core of the new kiwitrees theme) that can be seen on one of my own sites here:

    But I’m happy to discuss changes. Which blocks are you concerned about?


    My personal kiwitrees site is