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    I agree with you that this might be confusing. Especially when you have one media object attached to a citation and some more to the event itself, you get a confusing list of media objects in the edit-window.

    I will change the background colour of the three “full source” fields so they are more obviously part of the source.

    I’m a little bit sleepy and cann’t find the difference between edit 2 and edit3?

    For you there will be no difference. But with edit3 if you disable “Full sources” the media item as well as the QUAY and DATE tags will be hidden. Not important to you, but less confusing for others.

    In edit2 I have two icons, add existing media and add new media.
    In edit3 the icon “add new media” is gone.

    Yes, this is “normal”. You see an “Add media” icon if there is no media present, but it is not necessary if media is already there. All you then need is to either delete the item to remove it, or find a different item to edit it. It is actually the same in both edit 2 and edit3.
    If you want to add a second item you would normally use the bottom of the screen option to “Add a new media object”.

    The problem for you will be that there is no way to add a second media object to an existing source. I can’t immediately think how to overcome that limitation but if I have time I will look.

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