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    is there more hope if I put that on the kiwi wishlist?

    Possibly, but it it really necessary? Personally if I’m going to the trouble of adding media objects I want visitors to see them. So I add them to the event, not hidden inside a source reference.

    Also, if you take a slightly complex GEDCOM snippet such as:

    1 BIRT
    2 DATE 11 OCT 1871
    2 PLAC Sevenoaks, Kent, England
    2 ADDR Shambles
    2 OBJE @M561@
    2 SOUR @S67@
    3 DATA
    4 TEXT This is source text (DATA.TEXT tag)
    3 PAGE This is a source citation (PAGE tag)
    3 OBJE @M221@

    Looking at the GUI, how would an editor know if a media object was part of the event, or part of the source?

    If there was no media object present, how would he know how to add it to a source and not to the event? Where would you put the new “Add object” link?

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