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    … and for the advice about enabling modules, etc. I think I used to be familiar with this stuff, but I’d forgotten how everything worked. I couldn’t find a tutorial on this subject.

    It’s on my “to do” list 🙂

    I can now configure most features I need, but one thing escapes me. I used to have two sets of “Pages”, one for a list of “What’s New” items, and one for “Links to related web sites”. However, I don’t see how to have two instances of ‘Pages”

    • Duplicate the folder kiwitrees/modules_v4/pages, giving it a new name.
    • In the module.php file of the new folder, change the reference near the top of the code (can’t give you the exact line number just now) to “pages_KT_Module…..” substituting “pages” with your new folders exact name.
    • In the same file you can optionally change the title and description, which can help when administering the second item later.
    • Visit Administration > Modules > Manage modules to enable the new module, them set access levels, position etc.
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