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    I did look at the possibility of adding it as a feature after you first mentioned it.

    But I quickly realised it is not really practical. There is a major problem with the way you use the stories module. You say you are using them to store extended notes. Notes are a standard part of the GEDCOM specification and common to all family tree software, but “stories” are not. If you export your family tree as a GEDCOM file to share with anyone, or to transfer it to any other software you will lose the stories. They are only a feature of kiwitrees and not compatible with any other software.

    The correct way to extend notes is to use the “shared notes” feature. That is part of GEDCOM and exists to allow notes to be shared among many other records (individuals, families, etc).

    Stories are quite separate. They have their own way (“footnotes”) built in to allow the addition of source references, in the same way typing a document in MS Word does.

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