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    1. How can I change the default nav tab that is opened on the Sidebar ? Actually for me, it’s the “family_nav” tab wich is open by default on each page, and I would prefer another one. Is there a parameter to change ?

    You can change it. But it’s hard-coded, so don’t forget to change it again each time you upgrade kiwitrees. It’s in the file library\KT\Controller\Individual.php, around line 785:

    // The family navigator should be opened by default
    if ($module->getName() == 'family_nav') {
    	$active = $n;

    2. I would like that the right Sidebar be ajax connected with the Tab content interface in order to display (or hide in css) some Sidebar nav modules in some cases

    For that, you will need to study the jQuery-UI API for both the tabs and the accordion widgets code kiwitrees uses ( ). They have a range of methods and event triggers that should help you. I’m afraid beyond that I’m not able to help with this one.

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