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    I found the CSS piece you provided then and created a mystyles.css file in “xenea” theme but it didn’t work.

    Possible solutions:

    1. The file name is mystyle.css, not mystyles.
    2. Did you clear your browser cache?
    3. Is Xenea the right theme to change? You seem to use a mix of xenea and colors across your sites. If so thren you will need a mystyle.css file in each.

    Not all my edits are displaying either. I’ve corrected some several times (Admin > Update place names) and the old one still appears. When I click to show records with that Place, they still have the old name.

    That tool has to be very precise in what it changes. So using the “preview” button is a wise precaution.
    Show me a screen dump of your intended change after clicking “preview”.

    My personal kiwitrees site is