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Kiwitrees on Twitter

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    There are a couple of ways to do this.

    (1) By far the easiest solution, with the least amount of ongoing maintenance and cheapest (storage costs money), is to leave it as it is. Use one kiwitrees installation and one database containing both trees. It is easy then to have one tree public and one private. Having two trees on one site gives more options for privacy than just one. Kiwitrees must have one public tree to function at all. Without that no-one can register, menus can’t exist etc etc.. But second trees can be completely hidden. Just ensure that no users have permission to edit the private tree (set in their user account details) and the private tree won’t appear to anyone other than you (and any other administrators if you have them). Not on the Home Menu item or anywhere else they can see.

    (2) If you really want two separate installations and databases, then your suggestion to clone the DB (and link each via their respective config.ini.php details) is part of the solution.
    They don’t actually need to be separate databases though, just different table prefixes would be sufficient. But either will work. However, don’t leave both sets of data in both databases. Once set up, delete the GEDCOM you don’t need in each case. (Administration > Family trees > Manage family trees > Delete tree).That will remove all associated data for that tree from that database.

    What you can not have is either one installation of kiwitrees linked to two databases, or one database linked to two installations of kiwitrees.

    My personal kiwitrees site is