1939 Register: Finding birth dates

Finding an exact date of birth from the FindMyPast 1939 register.

Once you have found an individual in the 1939 Register it is possible, with some effort, to find their exact date of birth as recorded in the Register and transcribed by FindMyPast without 'unlocking' the household.

The process requires you to use the Advanced Search option. Using the exact year of birth (-/+ 0yrs) from the preview result, try each month (1 through 12) until you find the same person again. Then repeat for each day of that month until you find them again. You now have the year, month and day of their birth. You might find it also helps to include the Borough for a better result.

That all works, but clearly it is a laborious process. So I've designed this page to simplify the process for you. It does the same thing, but computers are faster than (most) people! It's still not instant though, so please be patient.

Just open the "Preview" page of the person then copy and paste it's URL (see image above) into the box below and click 'Submit".

  • 1Because this can be a slow process you might get an error message like "504 Gateway Time-out". If you do, just refresh your screen (F5 button on a PC) to restart. I find it usually works OK the second time.